If you’re interested in taking care of the floor in your office building or business, it’s important to refinish it every so often to ensure that it will always look wonderful and be protected from scratches and scrapes. In this post, we’ll discuss the tips and steps to properly refinishing your office’s floors so that they always look brand new. If you’re searching for a floor refinishing kit, professional janitorial products, or anything else for your office or building, check out Cleaning Supply Mart! We’re proud to offer incredible prices, no minimum order, and fast delivery. Shop our website now!

Before You Begin the Process

Ensure that any of the old floor finish, grime, dirt, and dust is completely removed. This will involve using a floor stripper, which will essentially emulsify and break down the wax of the varnish so it can be scrubbed away. Follow the manufacturer’s directions and use plenty of fans to circulate the air in the room or building. Allow the stripper to sit for a few minutes, and then it should be softened enough that you can easily scrub it away. There may be a few stubborn bits that you will have to scrape away, but once the stripper has been allowed to break down the varnish, then you can begin mopping it up. It’s important to mop the floor several times to completely remove the old finish, dirt, and grime. The best way to be sure that floor is clean and ready for a new coat of varnish is to mop it until the water rinses clear. You can also vacuum the floor at least twice before beginning the refinishing process. Failing to properly remove the old finish and mop up the dirt and grime will only make the new finish flake off and it will end up drying chalky or dull. Once this extensive cleaning process is completed, you’re now able to apply the new finish.

Applying the Finish

Proper ventilation and air circulation is essential to your safety, so make sure there are plenty of fans and windows open to keep air constantly moving. You also need to ensure that your shoes are clean and free of any dirt or dust. You can wear hospital booties or cover the soles of your shoes in plastic to reduce the chance of a rogue hair, dirt speck, or dust ball from messing up the new coats of finish. The best way to ensure a bright, shiny finish is to apply several thin coats of the varnish and allow them to fully dry in between applications. If you truly want a shiny, glassy floor, six coats is usually the industry standard. When applying the finish:

  • Use a rayon mop head. This is an important detail to not skip, because cheap mop heads only will break down when using them. Cotton or other fiber blends can also have small fibers that may come off during the application process and end up drying into the wax.
  • Apply the finish evenly.
  • Don’t miss spots because they will always show up later.
  • Make sure to carefully apply the finish around corners and baseboards. Slopping the wax and splattering it everywhere will make it difficult to clean up later.
  • Give the wax time to dry between coats. This can be between 30 and 45 minutes, but make sure you read the directions of the finish before beginning the process so you can gauge your time correctly.

After the Finish is Complete

Once the last layer has dried, you can buff the floors to keep them shiny and sparkling. This is especially important if you have high-traffic areas that experience plenty of use every day. You also need to clean your floors often with a cleaner that is specifically designed to not strip the shine off. You can find these floor cleaners on Cleaning Supply Mart!

Taking care of your office floors truly shows that you take pride in your business and the feeling that you give customers and employees when they walk through your front door. If you’re interested in purchasing janitorial and industrial cleaning supplies, check out Cleaning Supply Mart today! We’re proud to offer amazing deals on supplies that you need to keep your business clean, and with fast shipping too! Shop our website now!