At Cleaning Supply Mart, we make it easy for you to find all of the commercial cleaning supplies you need to keep your business looking fresh and clean at all times. Whether you’re in the market for commercial hand soaps, neutral cleaners, or another cleaning product, you can rest assured that we have it all. Browse our extensive collection of cleaning products to find everything you need from Cleaning Supply Mart today! In the meantime, continue reading below for cleaning tips that will help you keep your business’ restroom looking neat and clean for anyone who enters your building.

The Importance of Restroom Maintenance

The restrooms in any building play an important role that many people take for granted. When you step into a bathroom, you expect it to be clean and be fully stocked with toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. However, a restroom that is not sanitized and clean or has empty dispensers sends a powerful message to both employees and customers. Studies have shown that the restroom is either the first or last place that visitors go when they are in your building. That means that the restrooms in your building provide visitors with either their first or their last impression of your business, and it is vital that these impressions are good.

Keeping the restroom in your business clean and tidy is surprisingly simple to do, but it requires consistency in scheduling various elements of the maintenance. In this blog, we’ll walk through the six main areas you need to focus on in order to maintain a consistently clean, fresh, and pleasing restroom environment. For more information, be sure to read our blog on neutral cleaners to answer your questions about cleaning chemicals!


Using the correct chemicals is a vital part of achieving the desired look of your floors. One common practice is to use bleach in the mop water for bathrooms; however, it’s truly not the best practice due to the fact that bleach is one of the most alkaline substances on earth. While bleach does effectively kill germs, it also breaks down all other helpful chemicals, and it can cause harmful interactions when mixed with other substances, such as when it seeps into the floor drain! It’s much better to use a chemical designed for floors that will do the job well without the risk of harmful interactions. A great example of a high-quality floor cleaner is Highmark’s Neutral Cleaner for floors (OD334952), which is very economical to use. In addition to cleaning the main surface, you also want to pay special attention to floor drains. Floor drains can be the source of foul odors, so be sure to treat them as needed, or at least once every month using a drain maintainer like Brighton Professional “Enzyme Plus” (815023), which uses enzymes to digest organic matter.

Walls and Partitions:

Most restroom walls have washable surfaces of either tile, vinyl, paint, or another type of washable wall covering. Partitions around toilet stalls and urinals are typically made with enamel-covered steel or a type of stone like marble or granite. To clean these areas, we recommend you use a neutral cleaner like Betco’s PH7Q cleaner (OD750719), which will clean and disinfect while at the same time imparting a pleasant scent. Red Microfiber Cloths (see our SKU OD676028) are designated for restroom sanitation, so they are the ideal cloth to use in wiping down all walls and partitions. Pay special attention to the partitions and walls surrounding urinals, as it is typical that these areas get spattered and can result in bad odors and mildew.

Sinks, Toilets, and Urinals:

These areas are the source of odors and germs, and they deserve regular attention and consistent cleaning. If these areas have not been kept up, it may be necessary to complete a deep clean using high-acid based bowl cleaner like Betco’s STIX (OD750017), and even perhaps a Pumice Stone for rust or lime build-up. Once the porcelain is clean, it’s easier to maintain the freshness with daily cleaning using the right bathroom, tub, and tile/surface cleaner, along with your red microfiber cloths. We recommend using Betco’s AF79 Bathroom Surface Cleaner (AF79, OD750764).

One area that often gets neglected when cleaning the bathroom is the tank on the back of standard toilets. It’s a good practice to wipe it out occasionally with a disinfectant cleaner to keep mold and mildew from building up inside the tank.

To keep toilets and urinals in good condition between cleanings, be sure to use deodorizer blocks. These blocks are available in a variety of forms, including rim-hangers, tank blocks, and urinal screens with a block built-in. Using these very inexpensive products makes a big difference in the condition of the restroom day-in and day-out. Check our online store for literally dozens and dozens of options! In addition to the deodorizer blocks, you may also want to consider using floor mats like the OD469847 under the urinals. Not only does this help to absorb any liquid and eliminate odor, but it also helps to minimize any slip and fall injuries that may occur. Once they are no longer effective, simply throw away and replace.

Countertops and Mirrors:

Much like when you clean walls and partitions, using a high-quality neutral cleaner is the way to go on bathroom countertops. Keep in mind that most people stand in front of the countertop and look into the mirror before they depart, so this area needs to stay clean and fresh. When cleaning the countertops, you need to pay special attention to the grout cracks and corners. Mold and mildew can easily grow in these areas, so be sure you regularly clean these areas thoroughly.

When using neutral cleaners on these surfaces, make certain that the dilution ratio is correct. Using too much of a highly concentrated chemical can easily cause streaks to form. If the cleaner is not diluted correctly, chemical solutions are much less effective when not diluted correctly. Additionally, when you clean the mirrors in the bathroom, keep in mind that they can easily get spattered with water, but they can easily be cleaned and disinfected with a glass cleaner.


The dispensers in any restroom often go unnoticed until they are empty or fail to function properly. If you have any dispensers for hand soap, paper towels, or toilet tissue that are damaged, please reach out to our team at Cleaning Supply Mart. We offer a Free Dispenser Program!

In addition to replacing damaged dispensers, you also need to refill any dispensers that have run out of soap, toilet paper, or paper towels. Ask any housekeeper and they will tell you that there is nothing more irritating than a locked, empty dispenser with no key. Luckily, at Cleaning Supply Mart, we offer a wide assortment of dispenser keys to fit almost any make/model of dispenser. All of our keys are low-cost, and we even offer next-day delivery on most orders.

Air Quality:

Many janitorial service providers work hard to standardize the scent that is used to keep your restrooms smelling fresh and clean. The last thing you want is for your visitors or employees to walk into a room that smells like a combination of lemon, mint, pine, and more. Believe it or not, but it’s actually pretty easy to select one scent and buy all of your cleaning products in that scent. For example, you can find most cleaners in a lemon or citrus scent that will not clash with other products — everything from air fresheners to urinal screens can be matched for the scent! Using a timed mist dispenser (2612124) is one way to manage the scent in your restrooms, and you can typically find a wide variety of scents to choose from. Most timed mist dispensers allow you to set the dispenser to intermittently spray a light puff of scent or shut-off overnight if desired.

If you ensure that your housekeeping staff executes the proper cleaning tips outlined in this blog, you’ll never fail to have great reviews on your restrooms, from both customers and your own staff! At Cleaning Supply Mart, we are more than happy to provide you with all of the professional cleaning supplies you need to get the job done. Browse our extensive selection of products and make sure to stock up on all of the cleaning supplies you need, and be sure to check out our previous posts for even more cleaning tips!

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