Keeping your office or business germ-free can be difficult during cold and flu season. Employees and patrons often fall ill during this time, and it’s important to keep your business as germ-free as possible so as to keep others healthy. Don’t let your business or office become a cesspool of germs during this season. At Cleaning Supply Mart, we’re proud to offer professional cleaning supplies and commercial cleaning products to keep your company immaculate and germ-free. To help keep those nasty germs at bay during the flu and cold season, here are some great cleaning tips to follow. Once you’re done reading, be sure to check out our extensive list of professional cleaning supplies, as well as our blog for even more great cleaning tips!

Know Your Germiest Areas

Door handles, break room tables, and copier buttons can all be hotspots for germs. Make it a point to remind employees and cleaning professionals to remember to disinfect these areas often. Another important measure to take is to not leave uncovered food out in common places. An infected employee or customer can quickly affect several other people simply by breathing or coughing on food such as doughnuts or birthday cake. If there is food left out for employees, make sure to leave it covered and clear any leftover food as soon as possible. Also, so that you don’t transfer germs to your desk or other surfaces, make sure you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after being in highly trafficked areas. Cleaning Supply Mart has several different disinfectants and cleaners that can be used to wipe down those germy surfaces and keep the cold and flu germs at bay.

Wash Your Hands!

Probably the easiest, and yet most neglected action of germ-management, washing your hands is one of the most critical aspects of keeping a healthy work environment. Make some reminders and hang them in the break room, and place detailed hand-washing instructions in front of sinks in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also install hand sanitizer stations at the entrances of your office to remind both employees and customers to sanitize before they enter the building. The more cleaning mechanisms you have in place, the better chances you have at keeping your employees and patrons healthy. For all of your hand soap and hand sanitizer needs, Cleaning Supply Mart offers an excellent selection and great service.

Have the Business Cleaned Regularly

This probably goes without saying, but have the office or business cleaned regularly. Utilizing a professional cleaning service will help to keep your business clean and sanitized. Normal daily cleaning can only go so far, and it’s important to make sure that you’re taking every precaution necessary to keep your employees and customers healthy. Cleaning professionals can also sanitize and clean areas that might otherwise be overlooked, such as windows, floors, and cabinet doors. Clean Supply Mart is your online professional cleaning supplies store. Keep your office or business clean and disinfected with our commercial cleaning products and industrial cleaning materials.

Encourage Sick Days

Encourage employees who are contagious to stay home and take a sick day instead of coming into work. It’s not worth infecting other employees and customers, and losing one employee to a sick day is not nearly as bad as losing half of your workforce due to the flu. Keeping those who are sick away from the working environment can help keep everyone else healthy and discourage the spread of germs. One employee trying to muster through a workday feverish and ill will disseminate germs throughout the office, and it can be difficult to clean all the affected areas before others become infected. If you find that your business is overrun with cold and flu germs, have your business cleaned with supplies from Cleaning Supply Mart. Along with getting incredible deals on commercial cleaning supplies, you can be sure that your business will be spic and span and help keep employees and customers healthy during the cold and flu season.

At Cleaning Supply Mart, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the best deals on professional cleaning supplies, along with great customer service, exceptional delivery service, and helpful cleaning tips to ensure your business is as clean as possible. We were once in the janitorial cleaning business ourselves, so we understand your needs and concerns, and we always seek to help you in the best way possible. Don’t let cold and flu season get you or your business down! Order the commercial cleaning supplies you need today and fortify your business with everything it needs to ward off those pesky germs and keep your customers and employees happy.