Do you remember the last time you used a public restroom that was in dire need of cleaning or maintenance? Chances are, this memory is more prominent than the last time you used an exceptionally clean restroom because we tend to remember things that make us feel uncomfortable. Because of this, whether you own a retail store or a business that operates in an office environment, a clean restroom is key for customer and employee safety and satisfaction. In today’s blog, we’ll review some simple tasks that you can do to keep your restroom in tip-top shape.

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Three Vital Restroom Maintenance Actions

It’s important to never underestimate the importance of a clean and functional restroom in your business or office building. There are many actions you can take to ensure that your employees and customers have a positive experience, and we’ve listed a few of them below. Read on to learn more!

Replace Dispensers

There are several dispensers that customers and employees rely on while in your restroom, including toilet paper holders, dispensers for toilet seat covers, paper towels, soap, and even hand sanitizer. If any of these items are damaged, broken, or otherwise non-functional, your guests are sure to remember. In a prior blog, we reviewed the importance of keeping your janitor’s supply closet stocked with those items that are necessary to keep your space clean and tidy, and replacement dispensers should be on that list. That way, if one of your restroom dispensers needs replacement, you don’t have to wait for the next supply shipment to remedy the issue.

Scheduled Restroom Checks

The best way to stay on top of bathroom cleanliness and maintenance is to develop a schedule of routine checks throughout the day. How frequently this should be done will depend on the amount of use your restrooms get. For example, if your business operates with 50 or so employees, you may not need to check the restrooms as frequently as a popular retail store may. Regardless of how much traffic goes in and out of your restrooms, this should be done daily, and those checking the restroom should review:

  • The amount of paper products remaining
  • The remaining levels of soap and hand sanitizer
  • Any opportunity to clean up trash on the floor
  • Possible excessive water surrounding the sinks
  • Any potential plumbing issues

Reviewing your restroom for these concerns several times throughout the day will ensure that your customers and employees don’t run out of any paper products or soap and that the environment is clean and pleasing.

Routine Plumbing Checks

Speaking of potential plumbing issues, early detection of a toilet that won’t flush or a leaking sink can save you money and heartache. Especially if your restrooms are used by many individuals during the course of the day, or if your business operates in a building with older plumbing, this maintenance task is vital to ensuring your bathroom remains clean, safe, and operable. If you discover a toilet that is not functioning properly, close it off to employees and customers until it can be resolved. Likewise, if a sink is not draining properly or has developed a plumbing leak, do the same. The last thing you want your employees and customers to experience is a restroom floor full of water.

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies Online

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