Keeping your business clean is no easy task, especially when you’re unsure which products will get the job done right. At Cleaning Supply Mart, you can count on us to have all of the professional cleaning supplies you need to tackle any task, from stripping and waxing floors to cutting through tough grease in the kitchen.

In today’s post, we will provide you with a few cleaning tips that will help you tackle tough grease and grime. Continue reading below to learn more about the products you need, and check out our extensive collection of cleaning supplies you need to complete any tough job!

The Special Cleaning Problems Presented By Grease and Grime

The world of cleaning chemicals can be confusing and difficult to navigate. From degreasers and all-purpose cleaners to solvents and alkaline products, you may have a hard time determining which products will do the best job without damaging the surfaces you’re trying to clean.

Degreasers, cleaners, and solvents all have a useful place in your supply closet. Knowing what products to use based on each situation is important if you’re trying to achieve a quality result with the least time and effort.

Understanding Degreasers

To understand how to best clean something, you must understand that cleaning products are either acidic, alkaline, or neutral. The important thing to know is that there are no real guidelines regarding the name of a product. In the sanitation world, a degreaser is simply any chemical that removes and fights grease. However, some all-purpose cleaners might also be effective in removing grease, so you need to know what type of grease you are trying to remove. All degreasers are cleaners, but not all cleaners work as degreasers.

If you know that the grime you’re trying to clean up is grease- or oil-based, then you may feel at a loss of how to clean it properly. Tough commercial kitchen messes are best tackled with alkaline products because the higher pH levels are much more likely to successfully break down fats, oils, and proteins. The more caked-on the grease is, the higher level of alkaline cleaner you will need. For example, oven cleaners are highly alkaline because they need to remove thick deposits of carbonized grime.

Potential hydrogen, or “pH,” indicates how likely a substance will add hydrogen ions when added to water. To find a highly alkaline cleaner, look for products that have a rating on the higher end of the pH scale, usually from eight to 14. Sometimes to make the degreaser more effective, manufacturers will blend in a solvent as well, which is a chemical that dissolves other chemicals.

All-purpose cleaners are pH neutral, ranging between five and nine on the pH scale. They are best suited for cleaning surfaces that are dusty or lightly soiled, as well as surfaces that require a non-greasy finish. While degreasers can effectively clean non-greasy surfaces, they are more than you need for routine cleaning. All-purpose neutral cleaners are a safer option for people and surfaces when you have light, non-greasy messes.

Q: What’s the difference between alkaline cleaners and acid cleaners?
A: You can tell the difference by finding out the pH of a cleaner. A pH of seven is halfway between acidic and alkaline, so it’s considered a neutral cleaner. Acidic cleaners are commonly used to brighten metals, including chrome and stainless steel, and they do a great job of cleaning lime, mineral deposits, rust, and other forms of oxidation. You can determine if a cleaner is acidic if it has a pH level between one and six.

Q: How do I know if the cleaning chemical I selected will be strong enough to do the job?
A: When it comes to cleaning products, it’s better to be safe than sorry! If you’re not sure what the grime you’re trying to clean is made of, then start with a neutral cleaner. If the neutral cleaner isn’t getting the job done, then you can get more aggressive. A good rule of thumb is to test your cleanser on a very small section of the surface you want to clean before attacking the entire project.

Whether you’re in the market for neutral all-purpose cleaners, or you need acidic or alkaline products, Cleaning Supply Mart has everything you need! We are your go-to source for professional cleaning products, and we can provide you with the top brands you know and trust. If you’re getting ready to tackle a big cleaning project at your business, contact Cleaning Supply Mart, or shop our online supplies now! Don’t forget to keep an eye out for cleaning tips and more information on our blog.

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