There is no better time to evaluate the cleaning needs of your commercial facility than in the first quarter — the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and you may be looking forward to giving your facility a good spring cleaning. At The Cleaning Supply Mart, we are dedicated to helping our customers commit to office cleanliness, and in today’s post, we’ll review a few simple ways you can ensure your commercial space sparkles. Read on to learn more and shop our full inventory today!

The Benefits of Office Cleanliness

As the owner of a commercial business, prioritizing what is most beneficial for your company is essential for your success. Placing office cleanliness at the top of your priority list can be beneficial for many reasons. Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment provides the following benefits:

  • A quality first impression. When customers and prospective clients arrive at your office, one of the first things they will notice is how well (or how poorly) your commercial space is maintained. Committing to a cleaner facility allows you to put your best foot forward.

  • Improved employee health. If the livelihood of your business relies on your employees being in good health, it is imperative that you ensure that their working environment is as clean and sanitary as possible to avoid attendance issues because of illness.
  • Increased productivity. Aside from keeping your workers healthy, having a clean office space is critical for employee productivity. If you provide your workers with an office that is well-maintained, they are more likely to take pride in their work and work hard for you.
  • Decreased maintenance. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and regularly cleaning and maintaining floors, conference rooms, and other essential components of your facility can reduce the amount of wear and tear they show.

Now that we know some of the benefits of keeping your facility in tip-top shape, let’s take a look at a few products that can help you accomplish the task.

Custodial Supplies for Your Janitorial Closet

Cleaners and Degreasers

Whether you’re cleaning your building’s restrooms, break area, or conference rooms, you need reliable commercial cleaners and degreasers and high-quality all-purpose cleaners that will get the job done efficiently. Depending on the size of your facility, you may choose to purchase these items in bulk concentrated forms to increase your cost savings. When shopping for cleaning products online, it is important to buy your custodial supplies from a trustworthy cleaning supply vendor who carries a wide variety of the industry’s top brands.

Floor Care

No matter what type of floors you have in your facility, they are one of the first components of your commercial space that will begin to experience unsightly wear and tear if not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. If your facility has carpet, Sustainable Earth® offers an excellent high-performance liquid carpet cleaner that delivers great results. If you have tile floors, they should be waxed and refinished on a regular basis to ensure they retain their clean and lustrous appearance.

Restroom Sanitation

Of all the places in your commercial building, your restrooms are one of the most important spaces to keep clean and sanitary. Whether your business is public-facing or not, no one likes to use a restroom that is in dire need of cleaning or out of basic supplies. Keeping your supply cabinet stocked with the necessities, like restroom sanitation products, paper products, and trash receptacles, is the best way to ensure that you have the right custodial products on hand when you need them most.

Gloves and Rags

In addition to having the right commercial cleaning supplies, floor care products, and restroom sanitation items in your janitorial closet, you want to make sure that you have plenty of gloves and rags as well. Many industrial cleaning supplies can cause injury if proper precautions are not taken, especially in their concentrated form. By incorporating rags that can be washed and reused into your cleaning routine, you can significantly reduce your paper towel expenses and your impact on the environment.

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Are you ready to commit to making office cleanliness a priority in Q1 and the rest of the year? If so, The Cleaning Supply Mart is here to help you. We have all of the commercial cleaning supplies you need to make your facility shine and, for your convenience, we offer free next-business-day delivery to any address. Shop our cleaning supplies today!