If you use a vacuum regularly in your business or office, it gets plenty of use and needs to be maintained carefully so it will always work well. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy ways to take care of your office vacuum so the floors always look spic and span. If you need a new office vacuum or janitorial supplies, shop Cleaning Supply Mart now.

Purchase the Right Vacuum

Take a moment to check out your office space to decide what type of vacuum is best. If all the rooms are carpet, purchase a vacuum that offers supreme suction and can adjust to different piles. If your office space has both hard and soft flooring, the vacuum that you end up with needs to be able to adjust to both flooring types and turn off the rotating brush. Carefully research and test out models that you’re interested in so that you can make an informed and correct decision.

Replacement Bags

If your office vacuum uses a bag, it’s important to replace it often to ensure that the bag doesn’t get too full of dirt, dust, and debris. Depending on how frequently you vacuum, you may have to change out the bag more often that you would normally at home. Make sure to check the bag regularly and, if it’s getting to be full, replace it with a new one. A vacuum bag that is too full can harm the machine and the functions won’t work correctly.

Bagless Vacuums

A bagless vacuum can be easier to use because you can see the cylinder becoming too full. Empty the cylinder often, and routinely wash it out as well to ensure that the vacuum is functioning perfectly. Once a year, fully clean the entire cylinder according to the manufacturer’s directions.


A clogged filter can seriously affect your vacuum’s performance and efficacy. Make it a point to check your vacuum’s filter after you finish using it to make sure that there’s nothing blocking it. Also, make sure to replace the filter as needed. Some vacuums come with washable filters so you can clean out the filter quickly and easily. Try to do so at least every three to four months if you use the machine a few times a week and more if it’s used every day.


The brushes on a vacuum can be ignored, but they also need to be carefully cleaned often so that they can perform well. Check the brush attachment every few months or so and remove hair, food, dirt, dust, and debris. Make sure to care for the bristles as well. Brushes can also be replaced, so if you notice that there are many missing bristles, replace the brush heads so that you’re not missing a valuable cleaning component.


Debris and dust can become lodged in the hose and cause the airflow to be compromised. If you believe that there is a clog in the hose, consult the manufacturer’s directions for a solution and instructions on how to complete it.

Check the hose often for cracks and holes in the hose. If you happen to discover one, replace the hose promptly. A piece of tape or a patch can solve the problem for a bit, but it’s not a permanent solution to the problem.


Never use your vacuum to suck up wet messes. You can seriously harm the motor if you try vacuuming a wet mess. If you accidentally do vacuum a wet spot or liquid, turn the motor off immediately and check the instruction manual for further directions. Liquid can harm the vacuum’s motor and even harm you due to sparks and other issues that can arise. Ignoring these issues can harm your vacuum and even cause it to be rendered useless.

If you suddenly smell burning or the motor starts sounding loud, turn the motor off immediately. There could be a clog in the hose or filter, an issue with the motor, or an unforeseen problem and leaving the vacuum on could cause the motor to short out or spark.

Taking excellent care of your vacuum is important so it can serve your office for years. Shop Cleany Supply Mart today for all of your janitorial supplies. We have competitive prices, awesome service, and quick shipping. Shop our website today!