As we prepare to ease out of summer and into fall, it’s hard to believe that Christmas is only about three months away. If you’re the owner of a retail business, it is likely that you’re beginning to finalize your marketing strategy for Black Friday and the upcoming 4th quarter that is fast approaching. The craziness of the holiday season means that you’ll have increased foot traffic in your retail location, and it’s best to begin preparing for the crowds now so you can ensure your building is in tip-top shape. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss why early preparation is vital and we’ll review some key tips to help make the process easier.

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Why You Should Prepare Now

Especially if your business is located in what is known as a “Class A” building, your financial success this holiday season relies heavily on the experience customers have in your store. Because they are usually managed professionally and well-located, Class A buildings tend to draw more customers than lesser rated buildings. These customers will expect that your shop is well-stocked and clean. If you fail to meet either of these two expectations, you may risk losing sales. Additionally, if your store isn’t as clean as possible with proper preparation measures taken to ensure it stays clean, the safety of your customers may be at risk.

Three Key Preparation Steps

No retailer wants to lose out on sales during the 4th quarter, much less run the risk of a customer getting injured while on their premises. So, how can you best prepare your retail location for the busiest season of the year? The key is to start early and take steps to ensure optimal appearance and safety for your customers. Below, you’ll find three of these key steps.

Floor Maintenance

When customers walk into your retail store, it is imperative that the floors are well-maintained and clean. To ensure that this is the case, many retailers choose to strip and wax their floors before the busy holiday season. This key maintenance task should be done as often as necessary to ensure that your flooring remains sealed and protected from the dirt and elements that increased foot traffic can bring. If the finish on your floor is not maintained, the flooring may become worn and damaged. Not only can this cause an eyesore for customers, but also unsafe conditions.

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Take Note of Worn Mats

As you glance around your store reviewing the condition of your flooring, don’t forget to note any worn out, threadbare, or otherwise damaged walk-off entry mats. The entrance and exit mats in your store play an important role in keeping your floors clean, dry, and free of abrasive debris that can damage the finish of your floors. When these mats are damaged or not functioning as they should, they cannot fulfill their intended purpose. This leaves both your guests and your floor at risk. Before this Christmas season arrives, order any replacement mats you need early to be sure they arrive before Black Friday.

Stock Up on Supplies

In a prior blog, we reviewed several items that you should keep stocked in your janitor’s closet at all times. As the Christmas season approaches with it’s wet, cold weather, there are additional supply considerations to be made to ensure your retail location remains safe and clean. Review your janitorial supplies to take inventory of items such as carpet spot cleaner, ice melting compounds, water absorption pads, and mop-heads. If any of these items are running low, be sure to order enough of them to get you through the 4th quarter, that way you don’t have to worry about ordering supplies the week before Christmas.

Online Floor Cleaning Products and More!

Your shop’s floors set the tone for your customers’ experience in your store. However, there are other vital areas that should also be prepared for the upcoming busy season, such as stockrooms and bathrooms. At Cleaning Supply Mart, we have everything you need to ensure your customers have a great shopping experience in your store. Looking for floor polish, floor mats, or ice melt? Browse our full catalog today to see how we can help you!