As we prepare to leave summer behind and ease into fall, it’s easy to start planning vacations and company holiday parties. In all the hustle and bustle, it’s also easy to overlook making sure that you have a fully stocked janitor’s closet for the busy season that’s soon approaching. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some basic custodial supplies that you should keep on hand at all times and the benefits of doing so. If you’re in need of affordable janitorial supplies, shop the Cleaning Supply Mart today! We are your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning supply needs!

First Things First

Before you can determine what supplies you might be missing, it’s essential to complete an inventory of your janitor’s closet. If you have a supply list that you frequently order from, it can be quick and easy to run down the list to see what needs replacement. In the absence of a list, think about what supplies are needed for each room or zone of your business. A mental review of restrooms, break areas, and common areas can help you determine your supply needs.

Essential Custodial Supplies

Whether you have a retail store or office space, there are a few basic custodial supplies that every business can benefit from. We’ve listed a few below along with some inventory considerations.

Mop Heads, Buckets, and Brooms

If someone spills a drink or has tracked mud or other debris into your business, you need an efficient way to keep your floors clean. Be sure to check your mop heads, buckets, and brooms routinely to ensure they are not excessively worn or dirty.

Wet Floor Signs

While you’re taking inventory of your mopping and sweeping equipment, check to make sure that you have an adequate amount of wet floor signs to alert customers and employees of wet areas on the floor. To determine how many you should have, consider the square footage of your business.

Paper Towels and Toilet Paper

Products such as paper towels and toilet paper are essential for customers, employees, and cleaning staff alike. When you’re checking your paper product inventory, it’s helpful to ensure you have at least a month’s worth of excess stock to avoid running out.


It takes many different kinds of cleaners and disinfectants to keep the inside of your business looking great. Whether they are for polishing the floors, cleaning the windows, or disinfecting restrooms, this is one set of supplies you don’t want to run out of.

Trash Can Liners

Regardless of whether your business sees hundreds of customers a day or is comprised of only a few employees, trash can liners are essential to making sure you have a way to collect and remove the trash that’s generated on a daily basis. Be sure to keep a full stock of trash bags for this purpose.

Replacement Soap Dispensers

Because of their long lifespan, you might not think it’s necessary to keep replacement soap dispensers in your janitor’s closet. However, these items do wear out and break on occasion, especially in retail settings. It’s wise to ensure you have extras on hand in case one breaks.

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Benefits of Being Prepared

If you discover you’re running low on a few supplies, it can be tempting to put off ordering replacements. However, there are many benefits to having a fully stocked janitor’s closet.

Employee and Customer Safety

The safety of your customers and employees is very important. By making sure that you are prepared with items like wet floor signs, spill absorbents, and other cleaning supplies, you can quickly remedy any unsafe situations that may arise during the course of the day.

Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Have you ever entered the restroom at work or out in public and discovered that the hand soap, paper towels, and/or toilet paper has run out? This can be quite a frustrating experience. Employees and customers alike appreciate businesses that take efforts to provide a properly stocked restroom.


Let’s face it, no one wants to shop in a store or work in a space that messy and not clean. In a prior article, we reviewed the connection between office cleanliness and employee productivity. Being prepared with the custodial supplies your business needs not only looks good for customers, but can also increase productivity.

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