In a previous blog, we reviewed some important tips for preparing your building’s floors for the busy 4th quarter that is upon us. While many business owners have time to complete the recommended preparation tasks, many of them will fail to follow through with the essential maintenance activities that are necessary to keep commercial floors in good shape during the holiday season and other high-traffic times. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few do’s and don’ts of Q4 commercial floor maintenance. Read on to learn more!

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Below, you’ll find a few tasks that should be completed on a regular basis to ensure your building’s floors are properly maintained during holidays and high-traffic periods.

Ensure Mats are Properly Placed

The walk-off mats at the entrance of your building serve an important purpose. These commercial floor mats are essential for your employees and customers, ensuring a surface that allows them to wipe or scrape debris off the bottoms of their shoes. For proper floor maintenance, be sure that your walk-off mats are in good condition and properly placed so that they function as they should.

Dust Mop Regularly

Whether you own and office building or a retail store, the people that come in and out of your building often track in dirt, dust, grit, and other debris on their feet. If allowed to accumulate, this debris can dull, break down, or otherwise damage the surface of your floors. To ensure that the finish on your floor remains glossy and intact, be sure to dust mop your floors on a regular schedule to remove excess debris.

Clean Floors Regularly

In addition to frequent dust mopping and making sure your walk-off mats are in good condition and properly placed, it is essential to clean your commercial floors on a regular basis during the holidays or other periods of high traffic. How frequently you clean your floors will vary depending on how much traffic your building sees. At a minimum, it is recommended that you clean your floors using a neutral, commercial cleaner at least once daily.

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Now that you know a few recommended maintenance tasks, let’s take a look at a few things that you should take care not to do during your floor maintenance routine.

Use Harsh Chemicals

We mentioned the importance of regularly cleaning your commercial floors during the holidays or periods of high traffic. While this is an essential part any floor maintenance routine, you should take care to avoid using harsh chemicals, such as bleach, on your commercial floors. While harsh chemicals will accomplish the job of cleaning the floors, they can also cause chemical damage to the finish and surface of your floors.

Use Dirty Mop Heads

Whether you’re preparing to clean the floors in the restrooms or break room, you’ll want to make sure that your cleaning equipment is in good condition, and the mop head you use should be new or in like-new condition. An old or dirty mop head may have a buildup of dirt or other debris that can prevent your floor from being properly cleaned, or the swabs may be deteriorated, allowing the mop head to scratch your floors.

Neglect Buffing

Finally, you never want to neglect or avoid burnishing or buffing your commercial floors. Performing this maintenance task on a regular basis will help keep the surface of your floors in good condition. The type of buffing and burnishing pads and other equipment needed will depend on what type of floor you have in your building, and many choose to hire this job out to ensure that it is done properly in order to avoid inadvertently damaging the finish on the floors.

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