When you are shopping for cleaning supplies online, you may notice two different types of products: alkaline and pH-neutral cleaners. At The Cleaning Supply Mart, we want to ensure you wind up with the right janitorial products to suit your needs. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at pH-neutral cleaners, review why they are important and answer a few of your most frequently asked questions. Read on for more information!

pH-Neutral Cleaners

What is a pH-Neutral Cleaner?

The designation of “neutral” on a cleaning product indicates that it has a true pH of 6.5 to 7.5, and is therefore non-hazardous. Neutral cleaners are non-alkaline and they do not contain chemicals like hydroxides, silicates, or phosphates. If any product claims that it is neutral yet the label shows that it has any sort of acids, then it is not a true neutral cleaner.

There are many benefits to using a pH-neutral cleaner. Neutral cleaners have gained popularity because they are much less harmful to the environment. Cleaning with neutral cleaners prevents a build-up of stains. When you use a pH-neutral floor cleaner in your carpet extractor, you’ll prevent salt residue from appearing on carpets and walk-off entry mats.

Why Are pH-Neutral Cleaners Important?

Caring for hard surfaces is a challenge because of the variety of materials used in different environments. Maintaining each requires knowledge of chemicals and equipment so that the surface is not damaged, and the desired appearance is kept. The type of cleaner used is critical to keeping the shine on vinyl, PVC, terrazzo, ceramic, Formica®, porcelain, and stone. Using the wrong kind of floor cleaner in your mop water or spray bottle could etch the surface of the floor, dull its appearance, and shorten the life of the finish. Chemical build-up on surfaces including hard surface flooring, partitions, or carpet (whether sticky or chalky), is the result of pH levels being out of balance.

pH-Neutral Cleaner FAQs

Question: Can I use a pH-neutral cleaner to clean everything?

Answer: No, a neutral cleaner will not work on soils that fall on the extreme ends (too acidic or too alkaline) of the pH scale. They are manufactured for use on soils that range from 6-8 in pH levels. Neutral cleaners won’t remove rust or lime stains or built-up wax on floors.

Question: Are pH-neutral cleaners as effective as acidic or alkaline cleaners?

Answer: Neutral cleaners are great replacements for other cleaners that contain harsh chemicals when used on the right types of stains, dirt, and grime. However, if you have a very tough, thick build-up of stains, it’s likely you will be happier with the speed and thoroughness of a more aggressive cleaner. If in doubt, try a neutral cleaner first, and then graduate to a more aggressive cleaner if that does not produce the results needed. ALWAYS be sure that the cleaner you select will not damage the surface by testing a small area first.

Question: I just stripped and waxed a VCT (vinyl composition tile) floor a week ago, but the surface is already getting dull and showing signs of wear! What should I do?

Answer: First, check the janitor’s closet and see if there is a bottle of bleach in there. If so, we are willing to bet that someone is adding bleach to the daily mop bucket water, thinking that “it smells clean.” Bleach has a very high pH level and when used on VCT floors, it can soften and destroy the floor finish (wax). When the finish gets softened, it will capture the dirt and grime from the bottoms of people’s feet and from shopping cart wheels, thus dulling the floor. Get rid of that bleach, and insist on a neutral cleaner for all mop water.

pH-Neutral Cleaners Online

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