Windows are often overlooked when office spaces are being cleaned, but it is important to the overall aesthetic of your building. Smudges, streaks, fingerprints, dirt, pollen, and salt can all contribute to a streaky window, and a dirty window will make even the cleanest office seem dingy and reduce the amount of natural light allowed into the space. Thorough cleaning of your windows will add an extra sparkle and vibrancy to your business and your employees and customers will appreciate the bright sunlight in their workplace. For all of your cleaning product needs, browse Cleaning Supply Mart. Our easy-to-use website has hundreds of janitorial supplies and products at competitive prices, and we’re proud to offer fast shipping. Shop our website now!

Clean Regularly

The exterior of your building doors and windows are routinely exposed to the elements, thus requiring regular attention and cleaning. Don’t rely on rain or snow to clean your windows! Even light rain can cause spots and streaks on your windows, so having the glass cleaned weekly will ensure that any buildup from hard water, mineral deposits, or roof water runoff will be kept at a minimum and everyone in your office will enjoy bright, natural light.

Make Sure to Pay Attention to the Interior, Too!

While it may seem that it’s not as essential to have your interior windows washed, dust, particles, and dirt can build up on your office windows causing the light that is allowed in to appear dingy. Also, if you have office doors that are made of glass, fingerprints and smudges can show up on a daily basis. When you’re cleaning the windows of your business, make sure to pay attention to the inside glass as well.

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