How clean is your office? You may feel that you keep a very neat and tidy office, but it’s important to note that keeping the trash cans emptied and floors vacuumed doesn’t always equal clean. Germs can hide in plain sight and continue to affect you and your colleagues for months on end. In this article, we’ll discuss several places where germs are cowering and how to get rid of them. If you’re looking for high-quality professional cleaning products to help you get the job done, Cleaning Supply Mart is here to help! We offer everything you need to make office cleaning easy, as well as affordable prices and fast delivery! Continue reading below, and be sure to check out our collection.


Phones are full of germs, mainly from your hands but also from your mouth. Since they’re held so close to your face, any germs from your mouth or nose can thrive on the phone and continue to live for months. Try to wipe down the headset, cord, and mouthpiece once or twice a week with a disinfectant. If you’ve been ill recently, wipe it down every day so there’s no transfer of germs to your coworkers.



Your keyboard is another breeding ground for not only germs, but food debris can also get lodged in between the keys. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve cleaned your keyboard, take a few minutes to unplug it, tap it lightly to remove any food particles, and then wipe it down with disinfectant.

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You plunk down everything on this germ breeding ground, including the latest cold and cough outbreak. If you remember to clean anything, this is probably the most important area to keep disinfected. We recommend cleaning your desktop at least once a week. For those who have recently been sick, it’s a good idea to clean your desk even more until you know you’re no longer contagious.

Chair Arms

Forever being touched by germy hands, these can be major harborers of viruses and that stomach bug that seems to be circulating around the office. When you’re wiping down your desk at the end of the week, take a few more seconds to clean the arms of your chair.

Keeping your office disinfected will help you to stay healthy throughout a particularly sickly winter season. At Cleaning Supply Mart, you’ll find everything that you need shipped quickly to you, and at no minimum order. We offer a wide variety of office cleaning supplies, so you’re sure to find more than you need. Explore our store to see what we have available, and be sure to check out our blog for even more great cleaning tips!